Custom Home Floor Plans

Landmark Custom Home Floor Plan Procedure

Landmark has the capability of working with customers on custom floor plans for no additional charge.

As this is the case, we are now offering the service of immediate fax, email or snail mail pricing. After reviewing your plans, we will be able to determine a rough budget for you to build your home. We can have this done for you within 2 business days of receiving your plan. These plans do not need to be complete architectural plans; they can be preliminary plans.

Many customers have sent us simple sketches, which they have drawn, showing us what they would like. Others send us full architectural plans.

As we work all over the United States and internationally, there are many architectural styles, designs, building methods and preferences which customers desire. We want to provide each customer with the opportunity to build the home of their dreams.

If you desire to proceed, we will develop the customized plans for your home with our blueprinters. These will become the final set of plans for you to build your new home. Remember we do not charge additional for custom plans.

We have a few ways of getting the plans to us without obligation:

1. Fax the plans directly to us at: 800-964-2821.
2. Email plans to us at:
3. Mail the plans to us at:


Landmark Home & Land Co., Inc.
PO Box 9118
Michigan City, Indiana 46361,

Make sure that you include your name and phone number with each set of plans that you send us so that we can get to you quickly. If you do this now, we can get your estimates to you within 2 business days!

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