Landmark Home and Land Company makes designing, permitting and building your new panelized home an enjoyable and gratifying experience. As a “one stop shop” we make it easier for you to design, manage and build your custom panelized home as an owner builder!  Please watch our animation and then review the full details below.


We can help you in any of the United States and Internationally. Engineering is available for any state including California’s earthquakes, Florida’s hurricanes and Colorado’s snow loads and expansive soils.  We are very experienced  and can design your home kit to fit in all building conditions.

This is what Landmark Home and Land Company can provide for you:

1. Preliminary design capabilities

  •   Design conceptualization
  •   Preliminary plans and changes to design your new home as you want it to be. We can work with your plans or your selection of any of Landmark Home and Land Company’s plans.
  •  We can make changes to plans so the home is as you like it.
  •   Site plan review
  •   Evaluation of design for beneficial use of sun, light and wind exposures. We can integrate Organic design with land orientation analysis to make your home more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  •   Support for solar and wind energy
  •   Interior air quality
  •   Green Code compliance preview

2. Final plans for permit application

  •   Site plans
  •   Structural engineering conforming to your building department’s requirements.  This can include plans stamped by an Engineer licensed in your state.
  •  Green Code compliance
  •  Energy Code compliance 

3. Included in your Landmark Home and Land Company panelized home package

  •  High-quality sustainable building materials
  •  Green design and structure
  •  Assembly plans for the panelized home package.  These plans are coordinated by number with the components for your new home.
  •  Design coordination with professionals, including grading plan specialists, civil and geotechnical engineers, fire sprinkler designers, stretch code raters, and others who may be required for your project
  • Timely and complete delivery
  •  Customer Service dedicated to your project 

Landmark Home and Land Company has customers in all fifty states and internationally.  We have enabled these customers to build our panelized home packages in all types of situations and conditions including earthquake zones, high snow load areas, hurricane regions, flood zones, and expansive soil terrain. Other requirements have included solar, high energy efficiency and organic designs, as well as environmental impact.

Customers have built in rural areas, villages, and cities with large populations, and some off-the-grid locations. Sites include mountain slopes, ocean front, deep desert, heavily wooded areas, and city lots.

Our construction processes are very green and all our wood materials come from sustainable resources. Landmark Home and Land Company’s building materials come from North America with the United States being our first choice. Our panelized building system is inherently green due to minimized waste and computer maximized use of materials.

Landmark Home and Land Company helps you minimize errors and control costs with our efficient design and manufacturing processes. Our panelized packages are built in a controlled environment with material quality control processes, computer guided saws and flat assembly surfaces.

Having helped customers build their homes since 1993, we look forward to helping you by properly designing your home, providing you with permit plans and supplying you with the highest quality panelized home package. Our flexibility allows us to help you build your home the way you want it. We maintain excellent relationships with our customers so we remain a trusted partner.

Landmark Home and Land Company is unique because we offer full customer service and support with our panelized home kits. We are dedicated to serving you, thereby enabling you to be completely satisfied with the process and construction of your new home.

Our goal is to enable you to design and build your home in an affordable and efficient manner. Landmark Home and Land Company’s design, engineering, production and delivery teams create the opportunity for you to build the home you want on the land you have selected.

Please review our web page and videos, LHLC.com, then let us know how we can help you build your new home.

Please let us know what we can do to help you with your new home project.

Thank you,

Landmark Home and Land Company, Inc.