Prefab Homes

Landmark’s Prefabricated homes are making it easier for you to achieve your goal of new homeownership.


Landmark’s panelized prefabricated homes and design process allow you to design and build the home you want anywhere in the United States and internationally.


Does anyone know what “prefab” means?

The term is broad in scope but in reality covers all types of building methods.  This generic term adds to the confusion.

“Prefab”, short for prefabricated, covers a broad range of building process.   It covers prefabricated manufactured homes, prefab modular, prefab panelized and also custom stick built homes which use prefabricated roof trusses.

Prefabricated panelized home packages, as Landmark supplies, provide the best efficiencies in building for cost and quality control which help you design and build your new home.


Prefabricated panelized home kits!

Landmark’s prefab panelized building system is very unique in that we can design the home you want to be built on your building site.  There are virtually no restrictions on design and building locations where they can be built.

Our system is a more efficient method of conventional stick building.  We can design the home as you want it to be.  You can design your complete floor plan and exterior look.   If you want a simple ranch home or complex Victorian, we can help.

The prefabrication processes we use take advantage of the modern efficiencies of our green building processes so you can control your project and its costs.  Our production line makes it more efficient and cost effective to build your new home.  Our easy to assembly panelized home kits make the framing process faster than conventional framing.

You also control the quality of your complete home project.  From initial design to the final finishing details, you make the decisions and we develop the plans.

Landmark’s proven processes help you from the initial steps through the final finishing of the new home building project.

Why prefabricated panelized from Landmark?

We are able to help you design the exact home you want to fit on the lot you want.  You don’t have to compromise your living space due to the restrictions of modular or manufactured homes.  This flexibility allows you to take advantage of views, building restrictions, unique properties and personal design choices for your new home.

If you have large family get togethers, we can design the living areas to include your complete family.  if you need a home office, entertainment room,  mancave,  tv room or special garage for your toys, we can work it into the design and make sure the home fits on your lot and complies with the affected regulations.

Our design and engineering phases make the best use of materials to minimize waste.  If we need a 6’ board it may be cut from an 8’ board but the left over 2’ piece is used elsewhere in our projects.  This minimized waste saves costs which we pass on to you.


It is the overall design capabilities and flexibility of our panelized home kit that allows us to help you build the home you want today.  Take advantage of the production line to control the cost and quality of your new home.

You can design the home you want.

Our panelized prefabrication methods do not limit your home.  We can design the home the way you want it to be.  Take advantage of views, floor plans that fit your family, fit on land and more.  We have professionals that design and engineer your home to provide for strong design qualities but also take advantage of our efficiencies to provide the best product at the best price.


Gain sweat equity with our panelized building system!

We work with owner builders that act as general contractors and do some of the work on their homes.  This saves money which them becomes “sweat equity.”   Recently a customer told us of an over $110,000 gain in equity after he finished building his new home.   With prefab modular or manufactured homes you are not likely to get to this equity as the factory has charged you for all the work and there is no gain with these types of homes.

Landmark’s panelized homes are considered to be custom stick built homes which do not have stigmas that lower their value.  They can be financed like any conventional home and banks do not have restrictions on them as many manufactured homes do.

This savings in cost to build compounds over time and can equal hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and other costs.  It is a smart decision to build your own home with our efficient methods of design and building.


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