Plans for building permits.  Architectural and Structural plans, Energy Calculations, Green Codes, Site plans, Plumbing and Electric layouts.

Landmark supplies a complete and accurate set of home plans for quick and easy building permit application and approval!

When beginning the design processes for your new panelized home package we contact your building department to determine what is required for you to obtain building permits.  We then develop the permitting plans so they are complete, accurate and consistent.  At no additional cost, we supply responses to any checklist items and make any necessary corrections

Some building departments are very simple and others are extremely sophisticated.  We have supplied and received approved plans from some of the most sophisticated building departments in the country.  However your building department operates, we supply a complete building plan set to make your building permit application process smooth and quick.  Our Engineers are licensed in all 50 states.

Our system allows you to eliminate the time, coordination efforts and costs associated with hiring independent Architects, Engineers and other professionals to develop your plans.  Landmark verifies that the plans are clear, accurate and build-able.  We also verify plan details match and are consistent across the complete plan set. We then manufacture the panelized home kit to the approved plans.  This makes assembly and inspections processes quick and easy.  It is a considerable savings in time, effort and money.

The plans we supply are to be used for permitting and building.  They are the central point of communication between you, your building department, contractors and Landmark.  Our accurate set of plans minimizes the chance of “miscommunication” which helps you control your project, budget and schedule.  We believe in doing the home work up front so that permitting and building processes are as smooth as possible.

We can supply the following plan details for your new panelized home kit:

  • Architectural plans.
  • Structural plans
  • Beam, header and post sizing
  • Brace wall details
  • Energy efficient design
  • Energy calculations
  • Green Codes
  • Site plan
  • Plumbing Layouts
  • Electric layouts
  • Truss plans
  • Framing plans
  • Sections
  • Foundation design
  • Home Owners Association Reviews

We can also cooperate with your local designers or engineers for:

  • HVAC design
  • Fire Sprinkler design
  • Grading plans
  • Geo-technical soil reports
  • Geology reports
  • Drainage plans

We can provide plans in pdf and paper formats for you to submit for permits.

Plans are to scale, paper size and quantity that your building department requests.

California, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states typically require engineer stamped plans for the foundation and wood structure of your new panelized home. Other states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, other East Coast States, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia will likely require engineer stamped plans if you are by the Ocean.

Some building departments in Texas and Colorado only require engineered foundation design.

We are here  to help and can research what your individual building department requests when you are prepared to order your plans.

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