Design your own home!

You don’t need an expensive Architect!  

Landmark listens to your ideas and creates your home plans for your new panelized home!

Your new home plans are developed to your individual building departments requirements in all 50 states!

Our knowledge and design capabilities help you get your new home just the way you want it.  We have complete architectural and structural design, energy and green code compliance, site planning, permit plan set and assembly plan capabilities.

We also send you the paper copies of plans so you can submit for permits and begin building!

We are knowledgeable and responsive which makes the complete design process much easier and more affordable for you.

Landmark’s unified design and manufacturing processes ensure that the panelized package matches the approved set of plans.  As a “One Stop Shop,” This makes it easier to obtain permits, build and pass inspections.

Landmark is a “One Stop Shop!”

 This can include:

  • Preliminary plans with changes
  • Final architectural plans
  • Engineer stamped structural plans and calculations for permits
  • Energy Codes and calculations
  • Green codes
  • Site plan drafting
  • Geotechnical and Geological report review
  • Home Owners Association review
  • Financing and budgeting plans
  • Foundation design specific to your building site
  • Truss design with Engineer stamps
  • Material Selection
  • Plumbing layouts
  • Electrical layouts
  • Coordination with HVAC designer

If you have plans or ideas to review, you can email or fax (800-964-2821) your plans directly to us for review and pricing.  Please include your contact information with any inquiry.

We offer 5 methods of choosing your plans below.

Please take a minute to review our video which explains how we help you!  Below the video are the plan options!