Simplified Home Design Program

Among our other plan options, we also offer Landmark’s Custom Corners Home Program is set up to help you build your own custom home and floor plan while keeping costs down. This program can be used in all budget ranges but due to the simplified structural elements of these homes, we are able to provide great values for your new home project.

You can design your own custom home and completely personalize it to your needs! Develop your own floor plan, layout your own kitchen, baths and living areas. This is truly a custom home which you are designing. Maybe you want a ranch or a two story? Maybe a Chalet or Southwest Design….Tell us what you want and we will help you build it.

Homes can be one or two stories, be small or large, square or rectangle. Almost anything you can draw but please keep the exterior of the home limited to 6 , 90 degree corners. You can add corners to make garages and porches if you like. You can personalize the interior and exterior to your liking and create a truly custom home and a very affordable price.

These homes can be built in anywhere in the United States and internationally as well. They are also good for areas with high snow loads. Landmark can also build them to any architectural style you would like.

    1. There are only four guidelines to this program:
  1. You must be able to send us a sketch of the floor plan you would like with some general dimensions. Please Print this page out so you can work on this form and fax it directly to us. If you already have a plan you may email. or fax (800-964-2821) it to us. We are not expecting you to be Architects or expert draftsmen, so please send us a sketch and we will do the rest.
  2. The home’s exterior must only have up to 6, 90 degree corners with straight walls between each corner. We do this to keep your home cost more affordable for you. The lower the number of corners the less expensive the house will be to build.
  3. Porches and garages may be added. They must also have 90 degree corners to them as well.
  4. Tell us what type of foundation you would like. (Basement, slab, crawlspace, stem wall, pier, etc.)

This program is excellent for all types of home buyers, Empty Nester, first time, moving up, etc.