Frequently Asked Questions

What does Landmark Home and Land Company do?

30 Years of helping customers!

Landmark has been helping families build their homes since 1993 – Helping customers across the United States and Globally. We are a “one stop shop.” We help you design your new home, supply the plans and engineering, and deliver your panelized home kit.

Landmark has draftsmen, engineers, and production capabilities to supply the panelized home kit for your new home project. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service starting with your initial contact with us, throughout the planning stages, through the production and delivery of the panels for your new home.

Landmark works in all 50 United States and internationally. We have had many customers build multiple homes with us due to relocation or the need for a different size home. We have helped many customers in all states including California, Florida, Colorado, New York, Illinois, Tennessee, and more.

With 30 years of helping customers build their own homes, we have developed processes and products that will increase your success in building your family’s new home. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

What is a panelized home?

A Landmark panelized home is much like a conventional stick-built home. It is not a trailer or modular home. The Landmark panelized home kit is built in a climate-controlled production facility enabling us to control both quality and cost. Our production facility ensures the efficient and quality construction of our panelized home kits. When factory construction is complete, we deliver the components, which include the floor system, panelized walls, and roof system. Landmark’s components make it possible for you to frame your home in a significantly shorter time while minimizing waste and controlling costs.

Landmark provides more than just a panelized home kit so that you can frame your home and complete it. We are unique because we supply knowledgeable planning personnel to make sure that your specific design is easy to assemble and affordable. Additionally, the Landmark engineers make certain your panelized home kit includes the structural elements required for your location.

Panelized homes have been around since the early 1900’s. Sears sold kit homes as did a variety of other suppliers. Even Frank Lloyd Wright-designed kit homes. Those homes have become treasures in their neighborhoods.

Panelization is very common in commercial projects due to the cost-effectiveness and speed of construction. Chances are you have even stayed in a hotel or lived in an apartment building that was panelized. You can’t tell the difference between a panelized building and a stick-built one. There is a good chance that your current home is panelized.

Can I build my own plan?

Yes! You can build your own home plan. You can send us your plan by email: mike@LHLC.com, or by fax: 800-964-2821.

If you prefer, you can select a home from the 2,000 plans on our website. Landmark can make any adjustments to the plans that you would like.

The majority of our customers like to customize or personalize their homes. Personalizing plans is our specialty. Landmark’s drafting team can adjust your plans or Landmark plans to your preferences. There is no home too small or too large.

Landmark wants to make sure you build the home that you want. We are eager to assist you with the construction of your new home!

What type of foundation can I place my Landmark home on?

A Landmark panelized home can be placed on any type of foundation that is typical for your building area. Our customers have used basements, crawlspaces, stem walls, piers, and slabs. Additionally, wood, cement, cement blocks, and other materials have been used. Landmark needs to know which one you will use so that we can design your home appropriately.

What is included in Landmark panelized home kit?

We supply the preliminary plans, final plans, assembly plans, the panelized home kit, and full customer service.

Our standard panelized home kit contains the following:

Floor System:

  • 2” by 10” floor joists with an option for I joists or open web floor trusses
  • ¾” Tongue and Groove OSB floor sheathing (Plywood or AdvanTech optional)
  • Floor sheathing glue
  • Rim Joists
  • Wood beams per engineer specifications
  • Sill plate
  • Sill seal
  • Adjustable steel posts for floor beam support


  • 2” by 6” exterior panelized walls, 16” on center with 7/16” OSB applied. (Plywood or Zboard optional)
  • 2” by 4” interior panelized walls
  • Headers per engineer specifications
  • Rough openings installed for windows and doors per your specifications.

Roof System:

  • Roof trusses to your specified roof loading (some designs dictate rafter construction)
  • Wood beams per engineer’s specifications
  • 5/8” OSB sheathing (plywood or Zboard optional)
  • Sub fascia
  • Tar paper


  • Site-built stair system.


  • We supply connectors necessary per our Engineer’s requirements to assemble our panelized home kit.
  • If you have a sealed engineered plan we may also provide the Simpson connectors necessary per our Engineers specifications. This is on a case-by-case basis.
  • We do not supply nails. There are many options in nail guns and it is best for your framer to provide the nails.


  • Bracing materials


  • Delivery to your building site is included if within the continental 48 United States by a flatbed truck.  These are the same types of flatbed trucks that you see on the highway every day. (Alaska, Hawaii, and international deliveries by quote only.)  You or your contractor unload the truck at the building site.  Typically a rough terrain forklift or goose neck forklift area used and are most economical.

Engineering Support:

  • We have engineers licensed in all 50 states and a few foreign countries. We can help you with your project. All homes are reviewed by an engineer during the design phases and production phases. If you need sealed engineered plans for your permits we can supply those as well at an additional cost.

Customer Service:

  • A dedicated Landmark representative is available to speak with you during the day, during your lunch break, when your work day is finished, and on weekends. We realize that your building project is not just a 9 to 5 project. We will be there to help you because we enjoy what we do and we want your project to be the best.

Special Materials, framing methods, and building requirements:

  • Landmark will adjust our specifications and materials to your particular needs and situation. Some of our customers need super insulated homes which require larger or offset studs or other framing methods. Some building locations require fully treated floor systems due to climatic conditions.
  • Landmark can adapt the plans to highlight the special details of your building site or materials. Occasionally customers will supply their own hand-hewn timbers for entryways or architectural accents within their homes.
  • Some homes have been designed to blend into the natural building site. Whatever your request we will do what we can to achieve your goals.

Will my building department accept Landmark’s plans?

Landmark understands the variety of building situations throughout the United States, as well as many other countries. Our Drafting Team and Structural Engineers have the knowledge to provide the Building Department requirements for your project. Landmark has Engineers licensed in all fifty States and numerous other countries. Occasionally a Building Department will have a special request or requirements. Our panelized homes have been constructed to conform to those requests and requirements.

We have helped customers all across the United States and we have done international projects as well. Landmark has supplied plans and panelized home kits for almost every building situation possible. Our customers have built in the hurricane zones of Florida and the East Coast. Many more have built in the earthquake areas of California and the West Coast. Additionally, Landmark has provided a significant number of customers in mountain ranges with panelized home kits incorporating the very high snow load and wind structural requirements. We are also very familiar with the Midwest, South, and Plains States requirements. We can help you.

Does Landmark provide financing?

We do have access to financing sources that may be able to finance your project if you purchase a product from Landmark. As is typical with financing, you must meet their qualifications to obtain the financing.

In the current economic situation of the country, most customers have found favorable financing at their local bank. It seems that the local banks are able to be more accommodating and better understand the financial situation of your community.

Will you work with our Bank?

Yes, we can work with your bank. Landmark’s plans can also be used for the appraisal and construction documentation that your bank will need.

Why aren’t there prices on the Landmark website?

If you had a home that you wanted to build in Michigan and then decided to build it in Florida the structure of the home would change. The floor plan and elevations would likely be the same, but the insides of the structure would likely be different.

Due to the existence of hurricanes in Florida, the structure would be designed for those forces. Hurricanes don’t exist in Michigan, but there is snow. The snow will require a higher roof loading than Florida will require. Due to different structural needs and design elements the same home built in different areas will likely have a different cost.

Many people ask if there is a typical cost per square foot for a home. We do not price homes by the square foot as that is an inaccurate measure of home cost, even though it is commonly used. We cost out the home by its features and size. For example, a 1,000 square foot rectangular ranch with four equal corners and a 6/12 roof pitch will cost less than a 1,000 square foot home with twelve corners and a 12/12 pitch roof with a turret and ten-foot high interior walls

There are also many ways to calculate a cost per square foot which can be misleading. Some builders include porches, basements, storage areas, garages, etc and if not done consistently this can lead to one price appearing to be less expensive when in reality it is more expensive. For example, is a 1,000-square-foot ranch home with a 500-square-foot garage and a 500-square-foot wraparound porch the same as a 1,000-square-foot ranch home without the garage and the porch?

Fundamentally a square foot cost isn’t the issue and does not matter. What is important is what it costs you to build the house that you want on the land you have. That is a true cost. You need to know what it will cost to build the house you want, not the house that someone advertises to attract your attention.

Landmark can easily supply you with the cost of your panelized home kit. Please email your plans to mike@LHLC.com or fax your plans to 800-964-2821 so that we can review them and give you a quote. Please be sure to include your name and contact information in all of your correspondence with us.

I need engineered seals on my plans..Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Snow loads, Flood Zones, Bracewalls, Beam and Header calculations… Can Landmark help?

Yes, we are very familiar with the engineering processes necessary to obtain permits in areas where there are hurricanes, high snow loads, earthquakes, expansive soils, flood zones, high wind speeds, and other natural forces.

Some building departments only need beam and header calculations while others require fully engineered plans. Landmark’s Engineers are licensed in all 50 states and some other countries so it is easy for us to help you.

Where sealed engineered plans are required, Landmark can design, engineer, and deliver your panelized home kit as “one-stop shopping.” Our engineered seals make it much easier for you during the planning, permitting, and construction stages of your new home project. You don’t have to coordinate draftsmen, engineers, and production people. Landmark does all the work to make sure everything comes together easily and properly for you. Some of these services may have an additional cost.

Energy Calculations, Can Landmark provide them?

Yes, we can help you with energy calculations for whichever of the 50 states in which you are building. We can also develop different structures, trusses, and framing methods to help you better insulate your home.

Is the Landmark panelized home kit American made?

Yes! We have great American quality and customer service. The wood is all from the United States. However, at times we have to get SPF (spruce, pine, fir) studs from Canada. If you need American SPF, please let us know and we can accommodate you. All nails and connectors are US-made as well.

Is all the wood grown in sustainable forests?

Yes, all the wood in Landmark panelized home kits is from sustainable forests. We plan on providing quality homes for many years to come and want to make sure we have materials to service our future generations of customers.

Where can I build my home?

You can build your Landmark panelized home wherever you would like. You may choose to build in a big city, suburbs, or a rural location. Your choice may be to build on a lot or on acreage, flat land or mountain slopes, oceanfront, or desert. Landmark has even helped a customer design a home on a barge so he could live on the water! Pick your favorite location and Landmark will help you attain your new home.

Can you help me build a home outside of the United States?

Yes, we can help you in many countries worldwide. Your Landmark panelized home kit can be placed in a container and shipped to your location. We can adjust the design and structure of your home to your needs and the local authority’s regulations.

Landmark can develop your structure to allow for additional insulation required in colder climates. We can also design and engineer your new home for cyclones, typhoons, earthquakes, flood zones, soil conditions, and local customs.

Landmark will communicate with you by your desired method in your time zone.

Why work with Landmark Home and Land Company?

Landmark has been in business since 1993 and we take great pride in our customer’s projects and our relationships with every customer. We take extra care with each and every customer. We provide excellent planning and engineering services along with quality with each Landmark panelized home kit.

Customer service is our strong point and we believe in taking care of the customer. We can work together to make your project enjoyable and successful.

How do I start my Landmark project?

Beginning your project is very simple. You can call us at 800-830-9788 or e-mail us at: mike@LHLC.com. We would like to review your new home project and the location where you want to build. Feel free to contact us so we can get you started and work with you throughout the building process.

We are looking forward to helping you build your new home!