Panelized homes for California!


     Your new home idea

+  Landmark’s plans and panelized kit homes

=  your new energy efficient home

Design and build your new panelized home in California with Landmark Home and Land Co.

  • “One Stop Shop” for plans, engineering and panelized kit home. Saves you money and time
  •  Control the budget, schedule and quality of your new home
  •  Site specific building plans and engineering design for permit approval and building processes
  •  Save on contractor costs and gain equity
  •  You build the house you want on your land.
  • Delivery of the panelized home package to your building site
  • Customer support to help you!


Since 1993, we have helped customers design and build their new energy efficient panelized homes.  We are very responsive and have a proven track record.  Our quick processes help you complete your new California home building project according to your schedule.

We can help you in Northern, Central and Southern California on all types of building sites.  In cities, mountains, rural properties, subdivisions, hillside, flat lands, water front, etc.  We also work in all 50 states and internationally.

As a “One Stop Shop,” we have unified design, engineering and manufacturing processes that make it quicker and easier for you to design and build your new home.  You control the design, budget and schedule for your new home build.  It is our process that allows you to understand and control your building project.

We eliminate the need for you to coordinate expensive architects, engineers and other professionals.   We do the work to simplify your efforts allowing you to live your life and know you are working with professionals. This saves you time and money!

Customer Support and Service:

We are particularly proud of our knowledge, responsiveness, attentiveness and customer service.   When working with Landmark, you will work directly with an individual, knowledgeable Professional throughout your new kit home design, engineering, delivery and building stages.   We do not hand you off to multiple people, but instead assign you a dedicated person with a strong commitment, relationship and clear communication that is beneficial to enjoyment of designing and building your new home.

It is the relationship with our customers that we value most!

Plans and Design Work:  Not all plans are created equal!  

We listen to you!

We then coordinate our Designers and Engineers to develop accurate plans that reflect what you and your family want in their new home for your specific building site. During our preliminary plan phases, revisions are done quickly and sent to you for you review and approval.

Our plans are a roadmap and the communication tool between You, Landmark, Building Department, Contractors, financing sources, etc.   They are clear and accurate and show the house you desire.

Once you approve the preliminary plans, we develop the final set of plans for permit application and the building phases.   This is a very important step as we work to tie architectural details, engineering, energy and green codes, and site conditions together.   Landmark will provide you a unified, complete and accurate set of plans that match and are consistent.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating an Architect, Engineers, green and energy code team to make sure the plans are consistent.  We will work directly with your Civil Engineer to coordinate any grading and drainage issues.

Landmark does all the hard work, so it is easy for you to submit for and obtain permits.  We support you and are readily available throughout your new home building experience.  Communication is very important to us.

Our products and services include:

  • Preliminary architectural drafting
  • Preliminary structural, site and building department requirement reviews
  • Plans for Home Owner Association Review
  • Material selection to allow for ease of permit approval and ease building processes
  • Roof Design for architectural integrity and water flow
  • Trusses design stamped by licensed California Engineers
  • Electrical layout to code and your additional specifications
  • Plumbing layouts specific to your building site
  • Coordination with your HVAC installer or designers
  • Coordination with your sprinkler designer
  • Foundation design for your specific building site
  • Title 24 Energy code design specific to your building site
  • California Green Code compliance
  • Final architectural design with specific requirements for your building department
  • California Engineer stamped engineering and structural design specific to your building sites design criteria. There is no such thing as “standard” or “canned” engineering.
  • Site plan with details required by your building department
  • Easy permitting due to our unified plans which tie together all above details on the final plan set
  • Personal review of your building departments permits requirements, so your plans are accurate and complete.
  • Responses to building department checklist items at no additional cost.
  • Package pricing that is guaranteed so you retain control of your budget
  • Assembly plans which are clear and accurate.
  • Panelized home package which built specifically to match your approved plans. This unified design and manufacturing process makes for quick assembly and inspection processes
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service!


We design your home to fit specifically on your land and the building criteria dictated by your building department and the building code.  There are no such things as “canned” or “predone” engineered plans when applying for permits in California.  Each home must be specifically designed to the building site and its building department.

Soil conditions, land slope, snow loads, high winds, seismic conditions can vary significantly.  Landmark’s design, engineering and permitting plans make this an easy and quick process for you.

Each building department, and even plan reviewer, have their own guidelines. We will review their requirements and supply the details necessary to obtain permits.  We respond to their requests as they apply to your new home.

This will likely include:

  • Full stamped structural design and calculations
  • Foundation design
  • High wind speed
  • High Snow loads
  • Seismic
  • Full Engineering per your building departments adopted codes and special requirements

We have Engineers licensed in all 50 states and can supply the details and Engineer stamped plans as required by your building department.

Geotechnical and Geological reports

Geotechnical and Geological reports are required by some building departments for a complete structural design.  These reports tell our engineers the soil conditions that are supporting the home.   These reports are done by licensed Geotechnical and Geological Engineers and they will make a specific recommendation to our Structural Engineers regarding the foundation design.

Geotechnical reports are more common and requested by many building departments.  At times our customers question the necessity of the cost and time it takes to obtain a report.  We suggest obtaining a report as it provides our Engineers the best information to properly design the foundation.  You will get the best designed foundation.  If you choose to not obtain a geotechnical report and your building department does not require one, we will follow building department and code recommendations to properly design your foundation.

Energy Codes and Calculations.   Solar!

 We can develop the energy calculations to determine the energy efficiency of your new home.  If you desire to upgrade the energy efficiency we can suggest architectural design and structural design details,  alternative materials, site plan orientation analysis, HERS details and mandatory measures.

If you desire to use solar or alternative energy sources, we can work with your specialist to make sure design and structural concerns are taken care of properly.

Building Permits!

Our panelized home package plan set is meant to be used for permit application and the building processes.  We supply electronic or paper copies of the plan set so that you can submit for building permits.   We will respond, at no additional cost, to checklist items pertaining to our home package until permits are issued.

Our intent is to supply a clear and accurate set of plans for your permit application.  We have extensive experience developing plans for our customers and have a proven processes and methods which will make it easy for you to obtain permits.  We can work directly with your building department to make sure the plans submitted meet their guidelines.

Some building departments are more sophisticated than others.  We can communicate with yours and develop the proper set of plans for quick permit approval.  We have extensive experience and knowledge in developing these plan sets.  This is a significant time and energy saver for you.

Assembly plans

Prior to delivery we will supply, paper copy and electronic pdf, the assembly plans for your new panelized home kit.  Each panel and truss is individually numbered.  The assembly plans then show the location of each numbered wall panel and truss.  This makes it easy for you to identify the components and have them placed properly when assembling your new panelized kit home.

Delivery of the Panelized Home Kit

 We deliver your panelized home kit directly to your building site per an agreed to and predetermined schedule.  Delivery is typically within 4 to 5 weeks from the confirmed order.   We initially develop a target delivery date.  Two weeks into this timeline we communicate with you to see if the date still works for you or if you need it adjusted.  We are very quick to deliver and understand that you may need more time to prepare your site and foundation.  If that is the case, we can hold the delivery back until your site is ready.  We want to make sure your foundation is completed prior to delivery.  This will make it easier for all involved.

Closing thoughts…..

 Landmark Home and Land Company has been helping customers build their new homes since 1993.  We have developed a proven and successful process to help you design, build and control the quality of your new home.  Consider us a dedicated and knowledgeable resource to help you achieve your goal of building a quality new home.

We have helped customers build in mountains, flat land, cities, rural areas, islands, earthquake and hurricane zones and more.  We are prepared to take care of you and get your project started and moving in a positive direction.

Thank you! To begin planning your panelized home in California project now, please  Send us a message! or call Mike now at 800-830-9788!

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