Panelized homes for California!

Panelized homes designed for you and your California building site. 


Full architectural plans, California Engineer stamped structural plans, energy calculations and energy codes.  “One stop shop” makes it easier for you and saves you time and money! Our panelized home kits are designed for California.



Landmark helps you with the complete design process for your new home.  We work with you to design the panelized home package you want.  We then set the home on the lot properly,  draw up the site plan, develop full architectural and structural design with California green and energy codes as well.

A complete plan set!  Our complete package saves you time and money on Engineers, Architects and more. We make sure the panelized home package matches your new approved  home plans.  This makes your overall permitting and building processes much easier while controlling costs. 

We provide you the complete panelized plan set so you can submit to your building department.  Your California building department will require highly detailed plans.  We have the full team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals to make your permit application and building process easy.  We also take care of any plan check corrections as part of our comprehensive service.

Once plans are approved, we build the panelized kit home to match the approved plans so the building and inspection processes are easy.  We deliver after your foundation is completed to keep to your schedule.

We can help you anywhere: Northern California, Central California, Southern California, hillside, deserts, mountain communities, cities and rural areas.  Flat land, sloped lots, challenging building sites.  High winds, expansive soils, high snow loads, we have done them all!

We do the work and make it easy on you!

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