Eco friendly designs for your new home and building site

Landmark Home and Land Co can help you make your new home more Eco friendly!   By properly locating and orienting your new home on your land and refining its design, we can maximize the use of natural sunlight, ground conditions and wind to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Using these natural resources will allow you to take advantage of the sun to provide natural heat to your home.   Proper overhang design can allow you to gain sunlight in winter months and  shade your  home in the warmer summer months.  Window types and placement can help you ventilate and cool your home properly.  They will also allow natural light to enter the home and reduce your need for artificial lighting.   All of this saves you money.

These design elements, and  others will help you have a more comfortable home that is more energy efficient.   Adjusting your design is an economical process to help you save money throughout your home ownership.  We are prepared to help you with your new home design.

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