Keith’s Experience

Keith and Lynn J.from White Hills, Arizona

       I wanted to write and thank you for all your help. When I first contacted your Landmark for information I had a good feeling I made the right choice. This is our first home construction project and I was completely novice to the whole experience. My wife and I had always dreamed of building this 6000 sq. ft. 2 story modified colonial home. I sent in a rough draft of what we had in mind and with a week or two we had a floor plan with elevations to look over.

You said you would help us with the home design and we found your design services to be excellent. If my memory serves me, we made plenty of changes to personalize our new home! I even remember your draftsman made some suggestions to our plans that we incorporated. Our original plans did not include any cathedral ceilings on the second floor and with the help of your architects we now have “all” cathedral ceilings on the second floor. Some were designed with scissors trusses while the rest are full blown 18′ cathedral ceilings. The second floor interior looks awesome!

It was July when the frame package arrived, we had an extended reach forklift rented to assist in unloading and then to start erecting the panels. We had the first floor walls up in days. Then came the 2nd floor trusses, WOW! You could drive a car across them! Next were the second floor panels. We then began to set the roof in place. I had the entire structure up and tar paper on the roof in weeks. The rental forklift went back and we had a lot of curious onlookers wondering what just happened. The framing process was very fast, our friends and neighbors were amazed.

This behemoth went up quickly and I did it almost entirely by myself. I had hired on experienced carpenter and his helper to assist in erection and paid him a flat rate. If I had not used your building system, I would have been at the mercy of the builder, which I didn’t want to do. I wouldn’t have known if the home was properly engineered or built on budget. I wanted to control my project. Landmark’s panelized system took all the guess work out of the equation. Like I said earlier, I have never built a house before. To be frank, I’ve never built a dog house or a tool shed before, let alone my 6000 sq. ft dream house. Landmark helped make my project a success!

We priced it out three ways. 1) Use a general contractor and pay his 25% — 30% premium. Plus a lot of unknowns and potential budget over runs.
2) Do it ourselves and hire a contractors, and hope we get a building that is structurally sound and priced competitively.
3) Use the Landmark package, follow your proven system for the framing. Then use your companies contracting guidelines to hire and qualify subs along the way.

Landmark has saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours of guess work. I know because we had an appraisal done right around the time the sheet rock was being installed. The appraisers report valued the house at $800,000. The 20 acres of land it sits on is appraising at just under a million dollars. We have to date spent less than $500,000. in building construction costs. The house is 75% completed, we will spend another $200,000 to finish this monster. That will include floor coverings, the kitchen, household furnishings, landscaping and fencing. When completed we estimate it will be worth over 2.5 million dollars including the 20 acres and improvements. Not bad for a years work!

I am one satisfied customer. This is probably the only house we will ever build, and I am glad we used Landmark. I truly could not imagine being this far ahead of the game if I attempted this on my own with your assistance.

We should be moving in soon, and I hope if you are ever planning a trip to the Las Vegas area you look us up. Although we have never met in person, I look forward to meeting with you and thanking you in person.

Thanks again and God Bless,
Keith and Lynn J.
White Hills, Arizona